What to Look for When Home Shopping?

While the property inspector will do a thorough, professional inspection of your new home for you (discuss this with your real estate agent), it is a good idea for you to check a few items yourself when considering a home purchase. Some good considerations include:


* Age

* Ceiling Height

* Waste Disposal

* Floor Plan

* General Appearance

* Wiring

* Square Footage

* Heating System

* Insulation

* Traffic Pattern

* Air Conditioning

* # of Entrances

* Stair Width

* Plumbing

* Basement

* Hall Width

* Water Supply

* Attic

You should always check/inspect these items--room by room--when considering yourpurchase:

* Try all lights and switches.    

* Turn all faucets on and off.

* Flush the toilets. 

* Turn on the furnace and airconditioning.

* Test all stoveburners.  

* Open and close all windows and doors.

* Run the dishwasher  

* Try everything you can think of!


You need to make some notes on these interior features. Record important details and note anything that needs changing, repair or special maintenance. You will avoid costly repairs by making this extra effort.


* Woodwork

* Doors

* Fixtures

* Wall Covering

* Windows

* Built-ins

* Paint

* Window Treatment

* Storage

* Walls

* Floor Covering

* Appliances

* Ceiling

* Lighting

* Ventilation

* Floor

* Electrical Outlets

* Closets


In addition, investigate any signs of structural or water damage (such as wall cracks, moisture, etc.). When you buy a home, you will be doing a walk-through of the property several days before settlement to determine if all the conditions in your contract have been met. However, the time to inspect and note defects you want corrected by the Seller is during the contract negotiations and prior to signing the contract. Any repair or replacement items should be noted in the contract or contingent on a home inspection. Your realtor is an expert in this and can assist you with any questions that you may have.

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